Putco Running Boards & Accessories

Putco is highly associated with running boards. The company opened their campaign in the automotive industry by getting the first US patented running boards in 1975. From then on there is no stopping them from coming up with revolutionary and high-tech car accessories. Known for their excellent quality and first-rate craftsmanship, Putco has continued to ride the wave of their success with the introduction of new sets of stylish car add-ons. The Putco running board is a classy way to add style and at the same time improve passenger safety in your ride.

Putco running boards are mounted on the sides of the vehicle to promote safety from front to rear. They are added steps which makes it easier for passengers to climb aboard or get down from the car. This is a functional device and especially useful for large vehicles such as pick-up trucks, vans and SUVs. It can be very difficult to get inside the passenger compartment if you are carrying a full load of cargo, but with the Putco running boards it gets a lot easier. Aside from the standard running boards, Putco also has performance running boards that offer flashier and colorful designs. They require drilling, so it is best to get professional assistance when installing a Putco running board in your truck.

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