Putco Nerf Bars & Accessories

When it comes to car accessories, Putco has the edge over other brands. For more than 30 years the company has been producing innovative and top-of-the line after-market accessories for all types of vehicles. They are well-loved because they have expertly combined high-tech engineering with innovative designs that are stylish and youthful. Who doesn't love to accessorize? Accessorizing updates the look of your vehicle and turns a bland car into an attention grabber road machine. For pick-up trucks, the Putco Nerf bars are a sound investment.

The Putco Nerf bars are excellent add-ons to your truck. They make entering into the passenger compartment a lot easier. All you have to do is march on these side steps. They are manufactured from a stainless steel with a polished chrome finish to make them corrosive resistant. They are designed with wide plastic step pads to give them strong ability to withstand harmful UV rays. They add style to the exterior appearance of your truck. They are available in different tube sizes and applications. Putco Nerf bars come with special mounting brackets that are used to attach them to the body of the vehicle. Installing them does not require drilling or cutting of the metal. A new Putco nerf bar can instantly turn your truck into an attractive road machine.

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