Putco Mirror Cover & Accessories

Mirrors are very important car components. They are strategically placed in different corners of the vehicle to provide safety. They allow you to view the back of the car and the flow of traffic. Because they stick out like sore thumbs, they are also prone to damage. In order to prevent this, the best solution is to use a Putco mirror cover. Putco is known for producing quality and stylish car accessories since 1975. By employing their mirror cover, you lower the chance of denting the mirror of your vehicle.

A popular variety of mirror cover is the Putco chrome mirror covers. They project an eye-popping gleam and add elegance to every vehicle that employs it. They are a perfect fit to the stock mirrors of your car because they are crafted to form a specialized injection-molded shape. They are chrome plated with automotive-grade ABS that makes them highly resistant to weather damage, discoloration, chipping, and scratching. They don't turn into a shade of yellow or rust like the common metal pieces. Built to be tough and sturdy, the Putco mirror covers can withstand high impacts brought about by flying rocks and other road debris that get flung out by the tires. Installing them is quite easy. All you have to do is peel the cover on the 3M adhesive tape that is pre-attached to the mirror cover. Stick it in place and you got a shining mirror cover for your vehicle.

You can get a Putco mirror cover at Parts Train. We distribute genuine car parts and accessories that are supplied by the manufacturers. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations and knockoffs that you see on the market. They have below par qualities that will only compromise the performance of your stock parts. Purchase orders can be placed on our web site and e-mail, or you can also call our customer hotline for more details and assistance.