Putco Hood Vents & Accessories

The hood of is one of the most noticeable front parts of your vehicle. After a few years it is quite understandable that it could become boring, with its stock hood vents that looks the same as every other hood vents on the road. Replacing it with Putco hood vents can instantly boost the appearance and style of your car. For more than 30 years, Putco has been one of the forerunners in creating innovative and premium car accessories for all types of automobiles. They are known for their vision of revolutionary designs that aims to upgrade the status of add-ons from mere decorations to functional and important parts.

Like all Putco products, the Putco hood vents are crafted from the same heavy duty ABS automotive grade chrome. This glossy finish creates an attention grabbing detail to the hood of your vehicle, just the way you want it. It also lessens paint chipping, fading, damage, and discoloration, which are quite common after long usage. After knowing the advantages of having Putco hood vents, your next question is regarding the installation process right? They employ 3M adhesive tapes for strong hold and easy mounting. No drilling, cutting, or vehicle modification required. This is a common thing for all Putco accessories and perhaps it is also the reason why people love this brand.

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