Putco Hood Lift Handle & Accessories

Car customization enthusiasts will never be content with having just the usual custom components such as grille inserts, hubcaps, or spoilers. For them, even the smallest detail matters. This is a big deal especially if you are driving a vehicle with an exposed hood lift handle such as a Hummer. Using the stock handle can bring down the entire custom-look that you painstakingly created. Putco has the answer to your dilemma with their innovative Putco hood lift handle. Like every other Putco product, the Putco hood lift handle boosts of the same high-tech engineering and superior materials that the brand is known for.

A Putco hood lift handle is an ABS automotive grade chrome handle that has excellent abilities. The choice of material enables it to reduce discoloration, fading, and protects the handle from harmful elements that can cause premature wearing. You can also add tinting to create a perfect supplement to the existing chrome piece that is just the same as the factory installed parts. Installation is a breeze because of the use of a 3M adhesive tape that has strong holding ability than ordinary tapes. You can buy a Putco hood lift handle at any car shops nationwide. But if you want easy and convenient shopping for your car accessories, do it on the internet.

There are plenty online shops, but one name stands out when it comes to auto parts – Parts Train. A wide selection of Putco hood lift handles can be viewed on our web site. The site also contains our product catalogue and price list. We assure you that all of our products came straight from the manufacturers. No need to worry about having some cheap knockoffs delivered to your door. You can conveniently do business with us through our online system or you may ask for assistance of our sales agents in your hood lift needs. Just dial our customer hotline to connect with them. You can also e-mail us your questions and comments. Parts Train aims to provide you with world-class service that is comparable to none.