Putco Hinge Cover & Accessories

The word Putco is heavily associated with car accessories. Ever since the brand introduced the first running board patent in 1975, they have been known for manufacturing superior and stylish car add-ons. Their line of products includes grille, grille inserts, headlight trims, fender covers, and door handles, just to mention a few. These parts are easily recognized because of their sizes and locations. It is hard to miss a grille insert since it is right in front of the vehicle's hood. But what about those small hidden components in your car, don't they also need to be given attention? Putco acknowledged this question by also concentrating on the small details. Thus, the Putco hinge cover came to be created.

There are car elements that employ a hinge in their operation. An example of this is the truck tailgate. The Putco hinge cover can provide protection and coverage to this small part while enhancing its style as well. A crude hinge will not do anything good if you want to give your vehicle a complete make-over. Putco hinge covers are made from ABS automotive chrome that has strong abilities to resist discoloration, rust formation, impacts, and extreme weather conditions. They come with pre-applied 3M adhesive tapes that are used to fix them securely in place. This type of installation is a lot easier and convenient compared to drilling. There is no need to use complicated tools and hard-to-follow instruction manuals.

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