Putco Fuel Door & Accessories

Accidents can cause damage even to small car parts such as the fuel door. When this happens to you, get a Putco fuel door as a replacement for your stock fuel door. Putco is the trusted name in aftermarket car accessories ever since it introduced the first running board patent in 1975. They aim to combine innovative design with excellent craftsmanship in order to create a superior automotive part, and they were able to achieve this. More than 30 years later and the brand still continue to grow in leaps and bounds. So when you purchase a Putco, such as the fuel door, you are assured of their durability and superior quality.

The Putco fuel door is made of heavy-duty ABS automotive chrome that has high strength and dependability. This material does not easily fade, making it a perfect partner to your car's gleaming finish. It is engineered to precision to match the clean lines and style of your vehicle. It uses a no-drill installation process allowing you to mount it by yourself at a short amount of time. Instead of drilling, it employs the pre-attached 3M adhesive tape that is used to fix the fuel door in place. With all these advantages, it is no wonder that you are in a hurry to fit your car with a Putco fuel door.

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