Putco Bumper Guard & Accessories

The bumper is the most easily damaged car part. This is because it absorbs all the grunts and impacts caused by minimal contacts and low-speed collisions. Before you knew it, you will see scrapes and dents on the bumper that ruins the appeal of your vehicle. If you want to lessen the damage on this particular car part, you must use a bumper guard. A bumper guard is a safety unit that is made from sturdy materials and fitted on the front portion of a vehicle. The Putco bumper guard is an excellent replacement choice because the brand has been known for their high-grade material and first-rate craftsmanship.

The Putco bumper guard is manufactured from superior metal tubing that has high level of strength. It is coated to prevent the occurrence of rust which can lessen its performance. It is crafted to place easily in front of the stock bumper and comes with a complete mounting hardware that enables you to mount it easily. You can choose from different finishes such as black or chrome. If you want a monochromatic look you can have it painted to match the body paint of your car. It comes with an added option of using a skid plate for extra protection or optional lighting to supplement the existing lights in your car.

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