Putco Bed Cap & Accessories

The top of the bed rails is commonly damaged by the loading and unloading of cargoes in your truck bed. After some period, you can easily spot dents, scratches and chips to the excellent paint job of your truck. Do you know that these can be avoided? Yes! With the help of the Putco bed cap you can minimize the damage that is being transferred to the top portion of the bed rails.

The Putco bed cap is connected to the top of the bed rails of the truck in order to serve as cushion for the impact that a cargo or baggage will have on the surface finish. It is a great style enhancer because it is available in different materials and styles. The black-colored bed caps are great if you want to achieve a sleek low-profile design. Meanwhile, those that are made from stainless steel are great enhancers for a truck with existing chrome accessories. You can easily install the Putco bed cap with the use of a 3M adhesive tape. Maintenance and cleaning is also simple. It is designed to be tough and durable to be able to provide maximum protection for all types of travel conditions.

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