Pulstar Car Parts & Accessories

Do you want your car to have a faster engine start-up without having to guzzle up fuel? Then equip it with a Pulstar spark plug. This performance part is built to provide more starting power without consuming more fuel. Innovative, efficient, and easy to install, you'll definitely get value for your money if you get a Pulstar plug for your car.

The driving force behind this brand's worldwide success is its innovative spark plug that offers a lot of advantages over ordinary plugs. With its patented spark plug design that involves a high-power capacitor, the brand's innovative product can actually provide more torque and horsepower. Plus, you'll also enjoy smoother engine operation, lower emissions, and an improved towing capacity if you equip your car with this unique plug. It might look like an ordinary spark plug but when it comes to durability and performance, a Pulstar plug will definitely exceed your expectations.

A brand under Enerpulse, Incorporated, Pulstar should be your top choice when it comes to spark plugs that guarantee better throttle response and fuel economy. The unique technology behind the company's brainchild is actually based on plasma research, a study that's fully supported by the Sandia National Laboratories. Years of research and development resulted into a plug that uses a capacitor to store electrical energy. Once you turn on the ignition, a huge amount of energy is released in just two nanoseconds. By combining performance and efficiency in its one-of-a-kind spark plug, this brand was able to gain worldwide recognition. Today, the company continues to lead the automotive industry with its innovative ideas, designs, and products that will pave way for more efficient car parts.

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