Proform Water Pump & Accessories

Proform performance parts are known for their innovation and affordability. The company has been producing high-performance aftermarket car parts for more than 20 years now. One of the major items on their list is the Proform water pump. The water pump is an important component of the cooling system. It is mainly responsible for transporting the coolant or water to various parts of the engine. New car models are equipped with a belt-driven water pump that is installed in the face of the cylinder block. An efficient pump creates a proper water flow that enables the coolant to absorb heat during combustion process and still goes back to the radiator.

Proform water pumps are perfect for race enthusiasts who want to achieve more vehicle speed and at the same time do not want damage to the engine and its delicate parts. They are crafted from heavy-duty lightweight die-cast aluminum that reduces unwanted weight. The result is a higher RPM and excellent speed for that drag race experience. A Proform water pump is also stylish in a sense that it is available in different colors to suit your taste. The pump is epoxy powder coated for more protection against corrosion and heat. Without a water pump, all the other parts of the cooling system are useless, because without the right coolant flow heat will damage the engine.

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