Proform Valve Cover Hold Down Tab & Accessories

Quality and innovation are the distinguishing attributes of every Proform product. Proform has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance parts that are designed to create a powerful statement on the road. Take the Proform valve cover hold down tab for example. It provides a stylish way for you to anchor your valve covers. The engine is fitted with different valves that opens and closes with every combustion cycle. These valves are manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel or titanium and specifically designed to lessen instability and promote the right flow movement.

The Proform valve cover hold down tab provides the ultimate finishing touch to the entire valve setup. A popular style is the chrome valve cover hold down tab because aside from looking elegant, it also offers excellent shield and protection. It is also available for use in both small and big block applications. Proform products are the result of years of hard work, innovative ideas, and high-technology engineering. Each product, including the valve hold down covers, underwent strict testing and quality control in order to be sure of their excellence. You can also buy other valve supplements such as valve covers, valve fasteners, and valve cover hold-down clamps.

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