Proform Valve Cover & Accessories

The main function of the Proform valve cover is to keep the oil in the valve train from leaking into the cylinder head. In the process, the oil is being pumped throughout the pushrods and then scattered beneath the valve cover, maintaining the lubrication of the rocker arms. The engine head has different holes on it wherein the oil flows back down to the oil pan. Hence, valve covers are required to be oil-tight, for oil leakage may damage the operation and make it rigid without the lubrication of the rocker arms. The performance of the valve train is being concluded with the incorporation and utilization of push rods, lifters, valve springs, and the cam (if the engine has an overhead cam). Valve covers are made of different materials. Several come in plastic, more coves are made of metal, while some are made of composite materials.

Conventional issues when it comes to the valve covers occur with older vehicle models. The typical case is an overly-tightened valve cover screws which make the valve cover bend. The constricting screws can break or even bend the thin sheet metal with which the valve covers are composed of. Because of this, a regular check-up would be helpful and by means of manual squeezing of the valve cover gasket, you'll be capable of determining whether an oil leakage is happening. You can also determine it by taking off the gasket and placing the valve cover back on the cylinder head. The cover must sit back whenever the valve cover and the cylinder head comes into contact. If bent, the cover would shake. There are thermoplastic valve covers made for sophisticated vehicle models, and some can be dressed up with billet aluminum, carbon fiber, or chrome.

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