Proform Shifter & Accessories

The Proform shifter is a type of lever that is employed to change the gear in an automobile, such as a car with manual transmission or some standard kinds of automatic transmission. It is also called the gearstick, selection lever, the shift stick, and the gear shifter in the vehicle industry. The changing of gears is commonly accomplished by depressing the clutch pedal with the left foot to disengage the engine from the wheels and the drivetrain. In several conventional 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles, there can be the presence of a second gear level which engages a low-ratio gear box, which is utilized on tough terrain. The gear knob or the shifter knob is at the end of the gear stick and shapes the handle of the shifter.

Normally, the gear knob includes a figure of the shift pattern of the gear selection unit which is in other words the positions to which the gear stick must be shifted when picking on a gear. A common manual transmission automobile with 5 forward gears will include 7 probable positions: the five forward gears, the central 'neutral' position, and the reverse gear. Several automobiles possess a particular button to hinder accidental engagement of reverse. Other shifters need that the lever must be raised, shifted with additional force, or pressed down to engage the reverse. A lot of automatic transmission cars possess additional controls on the gear stick which adjust the choices made by the transmission system relying on engine and road speed.

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