Proform Rocker Arm & Accessories

The Proform rocker arm is a lever that conveys the movement of the camshaft to open and close the valves. The camshaft is a device that is often utilized in piston engines to operate poppet valves. It is composed of a cylindrical rod running down the length of the cylinder bank with a number of oblong lobes or cams jutting out from it, one for each valve. The cams force the valves open by pressing on the valve as they rotate. The valve is a device that controls the flow of substances by opening, closing, or partially blocking passageways. The rockers arm rotates on either a rocker shaft or a ball pivot. One end is raised and lowered by revolving lobes of the camshaft, while the other end acts on the valve stem.

The efficient leverage of the arm and the force it can put forth on the valve stem is settled on by the rocker arm ratio, the ratio of the distance from the rocker arm's center of rotation to the tip divided by the distance from the center of rotation to the point acted upon by the pushrod or the camshaft. For vehicle engines, the rocker arms are steel stampings in general, giving off a sensible balance of cost economy, weight, and strength. Since the rocker arms are components of the reciprocating weight of the engine, unnecessary mass limits the engine's capability to arrive at high operating speeds. Rocker arms should be taken care of just like any other auto part it also needs proper maintenance and tending to be done.

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