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Where do Proform pushrods come from? Where else but from the pushrod engine. The pushrod engine is a kind of piston engine that puts the camshaft in the cylinder block (typically beside and fairly beneath the crankshaft in a straight engine or straight beneath the crankshaft of a V engine) and utilizes pushrods or rods to put into action the rocker arms beneath the cylinder head to activate the valves. Lifters or something called tappets live in the engine block between the pushrods and the camshaft. This differs with an overhead cam design which puts the camshafts beneath the cylinder head and drives the valves directly or through the short rocker arms. In an overhead cam engine, the camshafts are typically part of the cylinder head assembly, while in an I-head engine; the camshaft is a component of the main engine block assembly.

There are two advantages a pushrod engine possesses. One is smaller overall packaging. Because the camshaft is situated within the engine block, pushrods are generally much smaller then an overhead cam engine of comparable displacement. Another is its less complex drive system. Pushrod engines have a for less complex drive system weighed against overhead cam engines. However, it has also its limitations. Pushrod engines possess more reciprocating mass; hence this limits the engine speed or rpm. They can suffer easily from valve float and exhibit a tendency for the pushrods themselves to flex or snap at high engine speeds.

Another thing is that there is a difficulty in managing and using the crossflow cylinder heads in straight engine configurations. The last disadvantage of a pushrod engine is its limited design flexibility. If you want the Proform pushrod for your pushrod engine, then get it at Parts Train. Parts Train is one of the net's biggest suppliers of auto parts and accessories through the years. Browse their online auto parts and accessories web site or simply just call them at their toll-free line any time of the day, seven days a week.