Proform Harmonic Balancer & Accessories

A harmonic balancer is made to extend the life of the engine by minimizing wear on its main bearings and journals. It is also there to hinder crankshaft failure. Harmonic balancers or vibration dampers are mechanisms bound to the crankshaft which purpose is to lessen the car's harmonic vibration. Every time a cylinder fires, the connecting rod strikes the crankshaft journal as the force rotates the crankshaft, making energy be scattered throughout the engine. The crankshaft's front endures this, so it always budges before the crankshaft's back. The outcome of this is a coiling movement and after said coiling movement (when the power is taken away from the front), the shaft that was coiled halfway unwinds and then snaps back in the reverse track. This process might be small, but still, it causes harmonic vibrations.

The harmonic balancer is composed of 3 components. The inner component is secured to the crankshaft. The center component is a rubber rings which minimizes vibrations from the crankshaft. The outer component meanwhile has the timing marks and the pulley cuts. As the power from the cylinder strikes the crankshaft's front, it attempts to coil up the heavy part of the damper, but it ends up coiling the damper or discs that link the two parts of the damper. The crank's front cannot speed up as much with the damper all linked up; the force is employed to twist the rubber and speed up the damper wheel, keeping the operation of the crankshaft in control. Ageing causes the harmonic balancer to work ineffectively. Another factor that can affect it is the wear of its components. The rubber will crack and dry out and can separate from the metal sections.

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