Proform Distributor & Accessories

The Proform distributor found in the vehicle ignition system is a mechanism which directs the maximum voltage in the proper firing order to the car's spark plugs. It is composed of a rotor or a spinning arm within the distributor cap, which is above the distributor shaft, but padded off from it and the vehicle's body. The metal component of the rotor makes contact with the central high voltage cable from the coil, by means of a spring-loaded carbon brush. The rotor arm's metal component passes close to (with not actual contact) the output contacts which then link by means of high tension cables to the spark plug of every cylinder. While the rotor rotates inside the distributor, the electrical current is then capable of jumping the tiny spaces generated among the rotor arm and the contacts because of the high voltage produced by the ignition coil.

The distributor includes a cam that manages the contact breaker. By opening the points, this generates a high induction voltage in the ignition coil's system. The distributor also includes a set of hinged weights fastened to the distributor shaft, that make the breaker points mounting plate to somewhat revolve and move forward the spark timing with a higher engine rpm. The distributor possesses a vacuum progress unit that moves forward the timing much further as a purpose of the vacuum in the vehicle's inlet manifold. Basically, there is also the presence of a capacitor fastened to the distributor. The capacitor is linked parallel to the breaker points to hold back sparking and to hinder the wearing of the points.

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