Pro Comp Suspension Kit & Accessories

Give your truck or SUV the edge over other vehicles on the road by equipping it with the ultimate suspension system. This is possible by using the Pro Comp suspension kit. You know that the suspension system is responsible for letting you achieve a comfortable and secure ride from one place to another. It is not just for off-road conditions, but even if you just use your car for smooth highway driving you still need excellent suspension parts. Pro Comp knows this and that is why they manufacture only the finest and superior parts for your vehicle. Every detail on their car parts undergoes strict tests, quality control, and high-tech engineering.

The Pro Comp suspension kit gives you the competitive edge over other kits in the market. It is specifically designed for each type of vehicle in order to conform to the car's function and driving abilities. It can give your ride up to 7' increase in ground clearance and contains the necessary parts that you need for a better performing suspension system. Among these parts are the shocks, springs, bushings, coil springs, leaf springs, and torsion bars. It provides your vehicle with equal angle suspension engineering for greater impact absorption, improves handling, and offers excellent drivability. Pro Comp does not want to leave any of the detail untouched. That is why the brand is hands-on on the entire manufacturing process of all their products. From designing, engineering, fabricating, assembling, and even powder coating, everything is done on the Pro Comp factories.

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