Pro Comp Shocks & Accessories

Shocks are important components of your vehicle's suspension system. Whether you have a lowered or lifted ride, you still need to equip it with only the best shocks in the industry to achieve maximum control and stability. When it comes to suspension parts, you have Pro Comp to take care of all your troubles. They are engineered to replace the factory shocks of your automobiles. They are specially designed to provide strong support to off-road vehicles and heavy load carrying trucks. They let you achieve maximum performance, relaxing comfort, and greater vehicle control.

Pro Comp shocks are offered in different series that caters to the target activity and handling of your ride. The ES 3000 Series shock offer a twin tube cellular shock absorber design that has a 10 stage velocity sensitive valving. It allows the shocks to self-adjust according the present road conditions in order to achieve great control and performance. The ES 9000 Series shocks boost of a nitrogen gas charged absorbers and employs soft polyurethane bushings. It is great for rides that carries heavy loads and are constantly put under extreme pressure. It is also perfect for on and off road conditions. If you want the ultimate when it comes to shocks engineering, use the MX-6 Adjustable shocks. It has six positions shocks that are custom tuned to achieve stability, ride comfort, and advance suspension performance. Unlike other shocks that has one valve that can fit all application, the MX-6 is custom-valved for your ride and makes use an inverted mounting design.

The Pro Comp shocks series is available at Parts Train. We provide you with all your replacement and OEM needs for your vehicles. Just visit our official website for detailed item descriptions and images. Don't be left out in the cold when it comes to the latest performance technology for your car. You can place your orders online or just call one of our toll-free numbers.