Prestolite Spark Plug Insulator Kit & Accessories

The automotive ignition system has definitely come a long way. Older ignition systems used to have a distributor, which receives power from an ignition coil and transfers power to the car's spark plugs. But with coil-on-plug direct ignition systems, you don't need distributors, ignition coils, or ignition wires. Each spark plug gets its own ignition coil that fires high-voltage electricity directly to the spark plug. That way, misfires and backfiring, which are caused by defective distributors, are prevented. No matter what kind of ignition system your car uses, though, the Prestolite spark plug insulator kit is one product you can benefit from.

A Prestolite spark plug insulator kit helps improve the spark plugs' operation, whether or not they're coil-equipped. Each kit from Prestolite contains four ceramic insulators. The insulators provide support for the spark plugs' center electrodes, which produce the spark that starts the combustion process. Prestolite's spark plug insulators keep electric current contained within the spark plug. This way, the spark plugs consistently produce a strong enough spark to burn fuel efficiently. The kit's insulators are also guaranteed to protect your vehicle's spark plugs from damage caused by extreme heat. With the Prestolite spark plug insulator kit, you can be sure that heat produced by some ignition system parts doesn't damage the spark plugs.

Remember, even if your car's ignition system uses advanced, cutting-edge technology, it's still vulnerable to some problems. A direct ignition system's coil-equipped spark plugs can still misfire and cause engine trouble. In a coil-on-plug system, the spark plugs may also be exposed to more heat, making them more prone to damage. The Prestolite spark plug insulator kit can help you avoid that. You can find this kit at Parts Train, which offers a wide variety of Prestolite products.