Prenco Car Parts & Accessories

A global leader and innovator in the automotive industry, Prenco (Progress & Engineering Corp.) has been offering high-quality emission, engine, brake, electrical, and ignition parts since 1939. Today, more and more buyers are switching to this brand because of its proven track record.

The company was established in the late 1930s as an aircraft parts manufacturer for Allied troops during World War II. After the war, Prenco focused its expertise on producing top-of-the-line vehicles for both the racing and domestic markets. In the 1950s, the economic boom created a need for high-quality car components. The brand grabbed this opportunity and acted quickly by creating a department in charge of importing and distributing car parts from Europe. To solidify its growing reputation as a top provider of automotive components, it transacts directly with OE manufacturers from various countries including the US, China, England, Germany, Korea, and France. To keep up with the growing demands of its customers, it established warehouse facilities in Toronto, Winnipeg, Burnaby, and Calgary.

In the following years, the company was able to strengthen its reputation as a supplier and manufacturer of top-quality parts. It soon expanded its product line and included ignition wire sets in its catalog. In the nineties, Prenco became a proud member of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) in the US and the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) in Canada. In 2005, the company's efforts paid off as it was awarded an ISO9001: 2000 certification. Today, the brand is now a global name when it comes to high-grade ignition and electrical parts. Customers can expect more innovative products and better customer service from this company as it creates more plans for expansion and growth.

To further set its products apart from the rest, Prenco uses cutting-edge cell-based and lean production techniques. That said, you can expect every product to exceed your expectations. Now if you want to enjoy the advantages this brand offers, you don't have to search that far. Here at Parts Train, the right Prenco part for your car is just a few clicks away. By simply entering or choosing your car's make and model from the menu, you'll be able to find an OE component that'll match your car's specs and budget.