Powertrax Car Parts & Accessories

Powertrax by Richmond the leading manufacturer of professional and high performance automotive products based in Liberty, South Carolina. Richmond has been around for over 80 years and is a specialist in manufacturing auto products with maximum traction and street-ability. The company's motto "Maximum Traction" is very evident in two of their best selling products, Powertrax and Lock-Right.

Powertrax is the leading brand in traction adding differentials for light trucks, SUVs, and performance street rod enthusiasts. Lock-Right is the standard locking differential that's known for its extreme traction output and strength. It removes wheel spin-up action and prevents the consequent driveline trauma. It also has an easy install feature that eliminates the need for complicated set up know-how, or special tools, that's why it's the choice brand for demanding off-road applications worldwide. Lock-Right's automatic design transfers the engine power to the wheels with a powerful traction. It has the capability to lock the axles together one minute and then quickly allow the outside wheel to rotate when it needs to differentiate in turn. This ability is demonstrated by a rock crawling vehicle that's lost complete traction and with one wheel in the air and one on the ground. The wheel on the ground can save the day by receiving the engine power and pulling the vehicle out of danger.

Combined, they are known as the Powertrax Traction Systems or the technology that merges the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential and the traction capabilities of a locking differential. The precision synchronization mechanism of this system successfully muffles the gyrating or whirling sound produced by typical locking differentials.

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