Powerstop Brake Pads & Accessories

If you have a thing for speed, then you must fit your car with an excellent and dependable set of brakes. To achieve smooth braking and superb fluid control, you need to have quality brake pads such as the Powerstop brake pads. Powerstop has all the answers for all your braking problems. They have been providing brake products for all types of vehicles since 1996. Their products are crafted from top grade materials that have to pass a strict series of tests before they are made available for public consumption. You are definitely putting your hard earned dollars to good use when you buy a Powerstop.

The Powerstop brake pads employ a wide range of dynamometer test to equip it with the most advanced friction compounds. They have the ability to prevent brake fading during extreme temperature. There is a wide selection of Powerstop brake pad designs that you can choose from. The Evolution Z16 ceramic street pad is a perfect OEM replacement that gives your car the ability to achieve a smoother braking operation than the stock pads. For hot rods that want to have the high-resistant and superior pads for the harsh conditions of the race tracks, you can use the Z26 Carbon Matrix track pads. Other variants include the 9-1-1 Extreme Performance pads and the Z36 Truck and Tow pads.

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