Powermaster Starter & Accessories

Powermaster is the premier name when it comes to OEM replacement starters and alternators for automobiles. You can find this brand in all kinds of vehicles because of their strong reputation when it comes to reliability. They test all of their products to adapt to a variety of environments and road conditions. So whether you have a street car, an off-road vehicle, or a sports car, you will surely benefit from using a Powermaster. You will not be able to get the engine of your car running without a first-rate starter. By using a Powermaster starter you provide your engine with a perfect launch to get its wheels on the road.

Torque is an important factor when it comes to achieving maximum engine performance. The Powermaster starter achieves high torque point during its operation. It has great resistance to high temperature, making it more superior than your stock starter. This heavy-duty device has very high electrical efficiency and can handle high cranking condition. If it cannot withstand these elements, it can result in premature failure. It can be installed in several orientations, with some models functioning in an inverted position with the solenoid down. A variation of the Powermaster starter comes in a chrome plated finish. A dyno sheet that indicates the precise performance of the starter is included with the product. It also comes with the mounting bolts, making installation very easy and convenient.

A Powermaster starter will help in boosting the performance of your vehicle's engine. It has been proven to be consistent and tested to their whole power range. Parts Train is one of the online shops that distribute authentic Powermaster starters. You can place your orders on our website or you can call our customer service hotline. We have friendly customer service representatives that will assist you with all your shopping needs. Don't be left behind with the latest innovation in starter designs, use the Powermaster starter and see the difference.