Powermaster Car Parts & Accessories

Alternators. Starters. And batteries. If you are in the market looking for these performance parts, then why not consider having the Powermaster brand as your chief provider? The Powermaster Motorsports is the leader when it comes to high performance original equipment manufacturer replacement alternators and starters for the automotive industry. Aside from the trademark products of the brand, Powermaster also offers alternator kits that will include pulleys, belts, and brackets. Right now, Powermaster carries a new addition to its product line, the Powermaster 16 Volt competition battery, an AGM design with an unmatched performance that is certainly crafted for the racers and auto audio enthusiasts out there.

Powermaster has never stopped developing products for your vehicle. In fact, it has introduced a number of new parts for your ultimate driving pleasure. The Powermaster Infi-Clock starter is one that will give you the ability to indefinitely adjust the starter position in relation to the engine, thus allowing total control over header clearance issues. There will be two simple screws, and a unique locking system will sandwich the adapter block and will make for endless adjustment possibilities. The brand's latest offerings also include the 16V battery, the 16V battery charger, the 16V step down, and customized products such as the Honda starter and the PowerMax for Chevy.

That is why if your overriding motivation and your passion is racing, show vehicles and the likes, Harley's or high power car audio applications, then the Powermaster brand has a wide array of performance products and accessories for your total enjoyment. You can never go wrong with Powermaster. And because of the quality and the reliability of its products, a number of these have actually been given awards. Take the case of the Infi-Clock. This performance part took runner-up honors in the performance racing category during the year 2005. The GM PowerGEN also took home the SEMA International Product Award. All these are proofs of the brand's dedication to giving you only the best. Upgrade now and get your needed Powermaster parts and accessories only here at Parts Train! Visit us anytime for all your needs.