Power Vision Mirror & Accessories

A drunken person will attest to having a double vision when he's intoxicated. Make sure you don't experience this when you drive, especially when you are towing a bit of cargo. For an unimpeded view of the cargo as well as the road behind you, what you need to have is the Power Vision Mirror. This is a revolutionary towing mirror that you can attach to your late-model truck or SUV. The Power Vision Mirror is unlike any other towing mirror because this one is fully electric. It is also power-heated and is imbedded with LED signal lights. Towing at night time is not a problem at all, thanks to these LEDs. What makes the said mirror work really well is the aerodynamic cowling and the sweep adjustment that allows you to adjust the visual field according to your preference. This electric towing mirror is also extendable up to five inches. The service life of this mirror lies in your hands. Proper maintenance and good care will ascertain its long-term efficiency. You don't need to go far to avail of this product. PartsTrain offers an extensive array of Power Vision Mirror selections for you to choose from. Price needn't be a worry because we offer the most competitive prices online. So what are you waiting for? Get one from PartsTrain now!