Power Vision Car Parts & Accessories

Power Vision exclusively manufactures power extending mirrors to provide excellent vision in driving, changing and passing lanes, towing, and backing or parking. All Power Vision power extending mirrors have full electric extension/retraction and electric glass tilt features even for trucks-although, they can also be folded to fit into close quarters or upon impact, manually. The mirrors also come in all standard non-heated and heated frost-free rear view variety, but the heated frost-free rear view and turn signal models' availability may depend on the vehicle make or model. For the heated frost-free rear view to work properly with your vehicle it must first be wired for it and you'll know that it's working or compatible when you stock mirror shows a heated symbol on it.

With Power Vision power extending mirrors you can adjust and customize the visual field. Depending on the vehicle make, the mirrors can fully extend to up to 21 inches from the part of the door where they're mounted to the tip of the mirror-which gives you an end to end view of between 109 inches and 112 inches wide-depending on the vehicle model. Not only that, all Power Vision mirrors are flat so you don't have to worry about distorted vision, although there are available convex mirrors for those who prefer it for their passenger side. And the racing enthusiasts might be interested to know that these power extending mirrors are also equipped with aerodynamic cowling.

All Power Vision mirrors are also completely serviceable - and Parts Train, has your replacement needs in all makes and models. We have them in present and late vehicle models. If your vehicle is not yet configured for power extending mirrors, we can even assist you with installation. At Parts Train, we believe in the DIYer in you, so don't hesitate to ask our 24/7 chat line for assistance.

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