Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock & Accessories

Security of your cargoes is very important. Nowadays, stealing is very rampant. Don't take any chance with keeping the tailgate of your pick-up without any protection. After all, you store important baggage and belongings at the back of your truck. Fitting it with the Pop & Lock tailgate lock will give you piece of mind. Pop & Lock is being distributed by Pace Edwards and has been in the business of providing security for truck beds and tonneau covers for almost 20 years. They are known for their innovative and modern products that provide security and protection to your vehicle.

The Pop & Lock tailgate lock offers a simple and effective way of keeping burglars away. It is manufactured from sturdy armored steel and requires no drilling installation. All you need is ordinary hand tools to mount it in place. Unlike other locks that involve truck modification, this tailgate gate does not require any. It can be easily mounted on top of the plastic bezel and does not pop out easily. You can choose between the chrome and black finish to suit the style of your tailgate. It offers easy and convenient access to the truck bed by having a raised lock instead of a recessed design. You can replace the key without much trouble because of the stamped Key Code on the face of the lock.

Providing your truck bed with excellent security is a breeze when you use the Pop & Lock tailgate lock. It is available in leading auto shops nationwide and in the internet. If you choose to purchase thru the net, get it here at Parts Train. Parts Train has Pop & Lock tailgate locks that are genuine and affordable. You don't have to worry about scams and cheats because we offer a risk-free service that assures you of strict confidentiality about all the information that you need to supply. For a convenient online shopping of all your auto part replacements, visit Part Train.