Pop & Lock Extension Harness & Accessories

There are a lot of performance parts and accessories that you could equip your pick-up truck with. Let's face it; more or less a pick-up is used for hauling heavy loads from one area to another. They are also used for off-roads and rough driving conditions. The driving conditions can cause the loads at the back of your car to move from side to side or cause it to fall off the truck bed. Pop & Lock is known for manufacturing quality tailgate locks and extension harness. These two parts are crafted from top-grade materials and excellent engineering, making them sturdy for lengthy use. Your ride will definitely benefit from a Pop & Lock extension harness.

Trucks with a crew cab long bed or an extended cab long bed needs to be equipped with a Pop & Lock extension harness. The extension harness is essential for the compensation of the difference in length. It is available in different configurations and sizes, to accommodate specific models. You can also choose among the various color-coded designs such as the 4-wire system, 5 wire-systems, 6 wire-systems, or the 7 wire-system. The 4-wire system is the most common among the wires and uses the colors brown, yellow, green, and white. The brown wire is used for the side marker, tail, and license lights. The yellow wire is for turning and left hand stop while green is used for turning also, and for right hand stop. Meanwhile the white wire is employed for the system ground.

When purchasing replacement parts and accessories for your truck, what type of procurement method do you use? Do you prefer online shopping over the conventional method of personally visiting the stores? Online shopping is easier and gives you plenty of time to browse through product catalogues from the comforts of your home. Parts Train is one of the online shops that carry the Pop & Lock extension harness on their inventory. Visit us today for the ultimate internet shopping experience.