Pop & Lock Car Parts & Accessories

Pop & Lock refers to the brand and company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of tailgate locks for trucks. Currently, the company manufactures 24 different tailgate locks to fit most truck tailgates. These locks include the manual locks, which blend with the hand; the chrome locks, which dress up the truck's appearance; and the power locks, which can be installed inside the tailgate and can be operated using a remote control. Pop & Lock protects the contents of the truck bed covered by a tonneau cover or camper top. Overall, it guards against the theft of the tailgate, taillights or bed extender. Pop & Lock has two main product categories, namely, the manual locks and the power locks.

Manual locks provide maximum security. They are made of armored steel. A manual lock can be mounted over the plastic bezel so that it cannot be popped out. It also has the appearance of the original equipment. It blends very well with the shape of the handle. It is not only ergonomic, it is also aesthetically appealing. You can choose either black or chrome finish. The manual lock offers convenience and safety. The lock is raise rather than recessed to provide convenient access and minimize the risk of pinching. When the key is lost, you can conveniently replace it with a new key because the key code is stamped on the face of the lock. This will enable the lock smith to easily determine what key configuration to use for replacement. The manual lock is very simple to install. It only takes a few minutes using ordinary hand tools. No drilling or welding is necessary.

On the other hand, power locks have the same basic features of the manual locks. The only big difference is the manner of operation. Power lock can be installed inside the tailgate so that it is inaccessible for any would-be theft. The power lock is electronically operated. It can be unlocked using a remote control. Installing it, however, is a little bit trickier compared to manual lock Installing power lock may require some rewiring in the electrical system of your vehicle. Here at Parts Train you can conveniently purchase Pop&Lock tailgate manual lock and power lock.