Plastiron Car Parts & Accessories

Founded in 1952, Plastiron is the oldest manufacturer of bumpers and auto parts in Brazil. It has two large plants and a modern distribution center that boast of a large stock of more than 500 items. The company started manufacturing metal products like chrome and and other painted auto parts under the brand name Wolff, and then eventually merged with Plastiron, and became Wolff/Plastiron - the leader in aftermarket automotive products in Brazil. Since the 50's, the company has become a symbol of quality and reliability in auto parts manufacturing in the country, extending their production from just bumpers to radiator grilles, spikes or gaiters, trims, dishes, and more-not just in Brazil, but in other parts of the world, as well.

Plastiron wants to be known as a traditional manufacturer of bumpers and other auto parts in Brazil, meaning, they take pride in manufacturing products without outsourcing. The company is also a big environmentalist, aiming to operate only in a sustainable and ethical way. The company recycles plastic wastes, as well as treats and cures water for reuse. The Wolff/Plastiron group also takes its social responsibilities seriously, by building 12 houses inside of the company grounds for their employees and their families-regardless of their size. This employee's quarter is equipped with a soccer field and indoor play and activity areas-because they are encouraged to participate in a subsidized regional indoor/outdoor soccer championship matches.

What is not to love about this company? And now these excellent qualities in management and auto parts production are being shared to 40 countries around the world. But since Plastiron is from Brazil and if you don't happen to speak any Portuguese, let Parts Train supply all your Plastiron replacement needs.

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