Plasticolor Mud Flaps & Accessories

Did you think those Plasticolor Mud Flaps, Mud Guard are just for adding good looks to your wheels? No, they're actually not! These custom Mud Flaps, Mud Guard are also made to protect your wheels against dirt and other road debris. These are usually attached to the back part of the wheels area, and are bolted on the frame of the vehicle or chassis. As the forceful rotation of the wheels fling dirt, mud, and other elements on the direction of your vehicle, the flaps act as barriers. This way, you are rest assured of a clean automobile all day long.Every Plasticolor mud flap is made from specially formulated PVC, shaped with a long neck for better coverage. It is equipped with a fiberglass backing that keeps it in perfect shape and prevents premature cracking or splitting for a longer period of time. Each is manufactured under stringent procedures, making every product highly tolerant to sub-zero and extreme hot conditions.As standard size of Plasticolor Mud Flaps, Mud Guard, you can find 9 x 15 inches products that are designed with logos or art. One of the famous designs from the brand is the Plasticolor flame Mud Flaps, Mud Guard. Although these are often used in muscled and high performance racing cars, the design surely adds to the overall impact of the vehicle.All Plasticolor Mud Flaps, Mud Guard are also intended for DIY installation. This is why you are going to get all necessary hardware in the same pack, especially if you order from us. Here at, we make sure that you are provided with the best choices and the most durable brands. So, when it comes to high quality Mud Flaps, Mud Guard, no need to look further. Browse our online catalog now to find the exact design that you need and place your order with us!