Plasticolor Car Parts & Accessories

Plasticolor, the known name in quality and innovative automotive accessories has been around for 38 years. Living by the statement, "Always the lifestyle leader through imagination and innovation", the brand continues to be on top of the automotive world's fashion and licensed accessories league, with products shipping out not just nation wide, but to Canada and Mexico as well. But as big as it already is, Plasticolor has remained a private and family owned business which still hold offices in California, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

With Plasticolor you can be sure that you're using only licensed designs of iconic names like Ford, Nissan, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Dodge, Mr. Horsepower, Racing, Tap Out, Chevrolet, and John Deere. The company also has designs for boys with the Superman and Mickey Mouse lines. Not to leave out the girls, they also threw in the lovable Betty Boop and Hello Kitty lines-and those are just to name a few. There's truly not a brand name in the world today that offers a vast number of quality choices for fashion and licensed automotive accessories than Plasticolor.

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