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A choice without frontiers is what the Italian automotive parts provider, Pimax, calls itself. The company slogan was derived from a humble beginning of producing and selling automobile spares parts to foreign markets. Pimax started its business with the distribution of products like seal rings, weatherstrips, carburettor kits and parts. Over the years, the company has extended its production to mechanical/flexible cables, brake hoses, as well as electric window regulators.

Pimax is one brand that moves with the times. It continues to monitor automobile market trends worldwide to find out its unique requirements. Once it finds out what the market needs, it then meets it with production of only the highest quality spare parts possible. The company has arms in 60 countries in all five continents, and you can just tell that they've really embodied their no frontier slogan in their multi-lingual website. Pimax is really one brave brand the way it dares to provide quality and affordable automobile parts to far away places. Those 60 countries in five continents would sure have local versions of automobile spare parts but again, just like what the slogan says, world has gone small with the advent of the internet, and distance is not an issue anymore. Today, people all over the world can shop for automobile parts without physically being in the shops. Some may even ask questions like, what if the parts don't fit, what if we need to return or exchange them, what if it gets broken along the way, and the answer to those would be-as long as you show proof of purchase or receipt, the company would replace and send a replacement.

Parts Train, just like Pimax, doesn't believe in walls and distances when it comes to providing you with quality automobile parts and accessories either. That's why we ship internationally too!

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