Pilot Tool Box & Accessories

When traveling down the road, you can't avoid minor setbacks that will force you to do some repairs on your car. In order to do this you must have the right tools. Even the most novice car mechanic should always anticipate the unexpected and be prepared to take on the challenge. This is where a Pilot tool box comes in handy. Just like other Pilot products, the Pilot tool box is an excellent innovation that is the result of high-grade materials and first-rate workmanship. Two qualities that the company has managed to stay true to since 1983.

The Pilot tool box is a top-of-the line tool box that is made from stainless steel and highly-resistant to corrosion. It is fitted with a full length hinge to allow opening that can always reach 90 degrees. The lid of the box is has a bevel design and insulated to be resistant to extreme conditions. It is so easy to open it because of the quick release paddle-style handle that can be accessed from both sides. This relatively big tool box can fit in relatively large trucks. With a Pilot tool box at the back of your truck, it will boost your confidence when you encounter minor delays on your road trip.

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