Pilot Tailgate Cover & Accessories

The tailgate of your pick-up truck is subject to plenty of activities. Loading and unloading of heavy cargoes can cause scratches and dents on the hatch. Changing the entire tailgate can be quite expensive. The next best thing is to use a cover, such as the Pilot tailgate cover to guard it from unwanted dents and dings. You might have heard of Pilot as a well-known manufacturer of lighting products. Over the years they have expanded their technology to include car and truck accessories, such as the tailgate covers, wiper blades and other import performance parts.

The Pilot tailgate cover is a great way to preserve the quality of your tailgate. It is made from an extra-thick rubber material that is very tough and durable. It does not easily crack or flake off under extreme conditions. It has an innovative design grid that provides extensive coverage and effortless loading or dispatching of cargoes. It comes with a complete mounting hardware that makes installation a breeze. You can purchase it for universal application or get the custom application to get the exact fit that you want for your truck. Because it is a Pilot, you are guaranteed that you are getting one of the finest and excellent products. This has been proven by the company's good reputation when it comes to quality materials and outstanding workmanship.

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