Pilot Strut Bar & Accessories

Does your car uses a MacPherson strut suspension system? If yes, then your vehicle is equipped with a strut bar. This aftermarket suspension accessory is used in combination with the said suspension system. The Pilot strut bar is a perfect replacement for your stock part. The brand has proven the high quality and superiority of their products, including their strut bars. They aim to provide innovative car parts that can help in promoting the performance and handling of an automobile.

The Pilot strut bar binds the strut towers that are placed on opposite sides to create a single unit. By doing this, flexing that occurs during tight cornering is minimized. The normal flexing of a car when taking a turn can cause traction lost. The strut bar avoids this by allocating the pressure that is applied to one of the strut tower to both of the tower. This creates a more rigid chassis and lessens the occurrence of under steering. The advantage that comes with it is improved tire wear and decreased strut tower fatigue. The Pilot strut bars are made from lightweight aluminum that can be anodized carbon fiber or red. They also provide structural support to the car's suspension system

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