Pilot Spark Plug Wires & Accessories

A good performing and reliable engine starts with a superior ignition system. The proper transmission of high electric current to your engine is vital in keeping the delicate balance of engine operation. The volts that are created by the spark plug are delivered to the engine by means of the spark plug wires. If you are using a cracked or busted wire it can cause delay of engine combustion, create misfiring, and lowers the fuel efficiency. When you see these signs look for Pilot spark plug wires as replacements for your old ones.

Pilot spark plug wires are superior high-energy five core wire sets that are made up of silicon-coated inner insulation. The silicone stops the occurrence of power loss and dodgy arching. They also have a silicon-tempered outer jacket that shields them from harmful chemicals, extreme heat temperature, and resistance to wear. The inner jacket of the Pilot spark plug wires are elastic and plaited fiberglass that provides extra protection and strength. They are considered to be one of the best among the wires in the market.

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