Pilot Side Steps & Accessories

Are you tired of the ordinary side steps of your truck? How about replacing them with Pilot side steps? Side steps are important components of a vehicle, especially if you are driving a large four-wheel drive or a pick-up truck. They make it easier to climb aboard the passenger compartment and compliment the muscular appeal of these behemoth machines. For off-road vehicles, they lessen the impact caused by rocks and other road debris on the body panels and windows of the car. They are perfect add-ons for automobiles with high-lift suspension.

Pilot side steps are made from durable and lightweight materials that make installation a breeze. Popular material choices are stainless and aluminum steel. Because they are lightweight, they do not affect the aerodynamics and drivability of the car. They are highly resistant to rusting and can withstand harmful environmental elements. These side steps are mirror-polished tubes that are universal fit to most types of vehicles. You can even paint them to match the body paint of your truck or any color of your choice. They have aluminum brackets that hold them securely in place and provide full support underneath the steps. They are extremely solid and can take on hard contact from gravel and other fragments that are thrown on by the tires.

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