Pilot Side Marker Assembly & Accessories

When it comes to lighting products, one brand that stands out is Pilot. Since the company started in 1983, it has dished out revolutionary concepts that greatly helped in improving the safety and security of a vehicle's lighting system. Another excellent product that came out from its long list of auxiliary lights is the Pilot side marker assembly. How important is it to equip your car with an efficient side marker assembly? Very important, especially if you want to improve nighttime protection and avoid collisions.

The Pilot side marker assembly can easily be installed in all types of vehicles. It is a functional and stylish accessory that makes an automobile more visible to other car drivers on the road. The lights are enclosed in a plastic housing and attached to the front side, beside the fender. It makes the side profile of the car stand out on the highway and allows for easy communication regarding direction with other commuters. When you park on the road side, the side marker blinks to indicate that you are in a stationary position. Its wiring can be connected to other lights such as the headlights, parking lights, signal lights. It can also be operationally linked to the ignition.

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