Pilot Short Shifter & Accessories

What is a Pilot short shifter? That is a common question that can be rightfully answered when you equip your vehicle with one. Nothing beats experiencing the advantage of having a Pilot short shifter. It is designed to lessen the length of hand movement when you engage the next gear. It also improves shifting performance, reduce shifter throw and gets rid of the slow-moving action when you change gears. Don't be fooled with the notion that a short shifter is a shortened model of the car's stock shifter. Although it is shorter, it has a different component. This is because cutting the shifter does not have any effect on the travel angle of the shifter shaft. So it does not initiate improved handling when you shift gears.

When you buy a Pilot short shifter you also give your vehicle a sportier look and feel. This is achieved by the shorter design that enables you to achieve easy gear shifting while moving at an excellent pace. The upper area where the shift knob threads moves at a great distance, which results in a similar action in the lower section where the shifter cables or rods are connected. The effect is a shorter hand movement and at the same time full transmission throttle in every gear.

Since you are purchasing a Pilot, you are well-assured that your short shifter is made from top grade materials and high-tech engineering. You can order a Pilot short shifter at Parts Train. We have been providing excellent and efficient service for car owners for almost 25 years. Whatever make and model your vehicle is, we will provide you with the needed OEM and replacement parts. Our online product catalogue carries a complete list of all available products and their specifications. You can place your orders online or contact our customer service reps through our hotline.