Pilot Hitch Cover & Accessories

Pilot has been pioneering innovative designs in the field of lighting products, wiper blades, and performance accessories for car and trucks since 1983. They have proven their worth when it comes to the quality and superiority of their products. Among their attractive offering is the Pilot hitch cover. Pilot acknowledges the need for providing a cool and stylish covering for the metal rod that is used to fasten the cargo to the truck. The cover protects the trailer hitch opening and keeps away debris from blocking it. It is also used to avoid people from accidentally cutting themselves from the sharp edges of the rod.

Pilot Hitch Covers are available in various design selections that ranges from simple to outrageous. You can choose from a multitude of graphics that includes your favorite NFL team logos, cartoon themes, variations of the US flag, and other custom-made designs. Pilot also offers the LED Brake Light Hitch Cover that not only provides protection to the hitch but also offers maximum brightness and adds an impressive braking light effect. It is equipped with a neoprene gasket to avoid rattling and form a close fit to the standard 2' hitch receiver tube. It is manufactured from a highly resistant plastic material and comes with long lasting LEDs. It offers a brighter illumination than a standard bulb.

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