Pilot Gauge Face & Accessories

Pilot has been a permanent name in the automobile market since 1983. Since its start, the brand continuously branched out to car and truck accessories, performance parts, wiper blades, and lighting parts. The success of a car is measured by means of its ability to navigate down the highway and off-roads. But how do you control and keep up with the data regarding your engine performance? By means of a Pilot gauge face. For a meticulous car owner, style must not only be visible in the outward appearance of the vehicle but in the interior as well. The Pilot gauge face is a useful and attractive device that can be found in the dashboard.

A Pilot gauge face adds adventure to an exhilarating ride. The gauge is composed of numerals and needles that tell the story behind the performance of various car elements. There are various gauge face designs that you can mount in your vehicle. The chrome face gauge adds a modern and clean look in the passenger compartment. It is also more updated compared to plastic face gauges. It is also available in colors and eye-catching designs that offer a new atmosphere. An example of the modern Pilot face gauge is the Pilot Motorsports Electro Luminescence (EL) Gauge Overlay that is designed with an EL gauge overlay that has a green colored back light.

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