Pilot Cold Air Intake & Accessories

The Pilot cold air intake is a revolutionary device that is engineered to change the way you look at driving. If you are not content with the average performance of your vehicle, then chances are you need a new cold air intake. Whether you have standard driving skills or you are the next Michael Schumacher, you will surely notice the tremendous effect that a Pilot intake can have. There is so much difference when it comes to quality, efficiency, and performance compared to factory cold air intakes.

The Pilot cold air intake is manufactured from an advanced temperature resistant material. It gives it the ability to store cooler air than ordinary intakes that are made of metal. It supplies a greater amount of clean air to the vehicle engine because of its high-velocity turbine filter. You can choose from white, red, blue and smoke colored varieties. A more advanced design is the Pilot Transparent Cold Air Intake with Turbine Filter. It has a stainless steel filter that has a pleated mesh design which enhances the surface area intended for airflow and leads it directly to the engine. Pilot intakes are very easy and convenient to install

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