Pilot Coil Over Kit & Accessories

The suspension system of your vehicle is very important in providing you with a smooth and comfortable ride. Without the entire suspension components you will surely feel all the effect of the vibration and impact of the different road conditions that you encounter. The springs allow you to achieve the height that you want your vehicle to have. With the help of the Pilot coil over kit you can achieve the look that you desire and at the same time provide excellent car performance.

There is only one thing to describe the Pilot coil over kit – excellent suspension alteration. It is especially made to cater and optimize the ride quality of your lowered vehicle. It creates a 2' to 2 ½' spring drop and designed to endure the high-impact movements and vibrations of a powerful ride. The advantages of using a Pilot coil over kit involves better car handling, reduced body roll, and removal of fender gaps. The vehicle height can be adjusted by means of employing a threaded sleeve that is fitted on the shocks.

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