Pilot Bed Rails & Accessories

Brand association is common in car parts. Like if you mention the name Pilot you immediately think of auxiliary lights. After all, the company has been known for their fog light upgrades due to their style and efficiency. But are you aware that they also sell bed rails? Yes, there are Pilot bed rails that you can equip your trucks with. Since the brand is known for their superior quality and excellent workmanship, you are guaranteed that the same excellence is also applied in their other products.

Pilot bed rails are functional and stylish pieces of aluminum that will surely give your vehicle a customized look. They have an extruded construction design that is fitted with slots that can be employed for tie-down loops. They can be easily mounted and can be firmly attached to the vehicle's underside beds. Bed rails not only add style but they also prove to be very useful. You can firmly hold down your cargoes and prevent them from falling off by using the slots on the rail to tie them down. Passengers can also grip the rails for more leverage and for assistance when they try to get in the truck bed.

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