Pilot Car Parts & Accessories

Pilot Automotive Incorporated, also known as Wang's International, is a leading supplier and distributor of different car and truck accessories, wiper blades, lighting products, and performance components to various retail store chains, mass merchandisers, warehouse distributors and specialty markets. It caters both street car and race car or off-road applications. This company was established in 1983 in California. Since then, the company is proud of providing high-quality products and services for its varied customers in the automotive industry. Although the company has a humble beginning, it has gradually grown as an international company. Its present corporate headquarters and distribution center is located in California in a 128,000 square feet of facility with over 20 shipping docks.

Its product line is wide and varied. Its products can be grouped into six categories. The categories include the Pilot Lighting, the Bully Truck Accessories, the Pilot Motor Sports, the 12-volt Power Lighting, the Pilot Accessories, and the Baja Champions. The Pilot Lighting category includes all functional and decorative automotive lighting components commonly used in cars and pickup trucks. This category includes fog lights, halogen lamps, strobe lights, specialty lights, performance switches, head lamps and many more. Automotive lightings are designed to enhance the driving safety of the vehicle by increasing road visibility and vehicle visibility.

Bully Truck Accessories include brush guards, step bars, grilles, tonneau covers, gas doors and other truck accessories. The remaining product categories are mere support accessories that are not very essential to the function and safety of the vehicle. Most of these accessories are used for off-road or sports applications. Pilot Automotive Incorporated does not manufacture most of its products. Rather, the company merely serves as a middle company for manufacturers and customers. These customers may either be big retailers or specialty groups of hobbyists and auto enthusiasts. Pilot Automotive Incorporated bridges the market gap between the main manufacturers and the customers. It facilitates the distribution of products. Before the advent of the internet, long before e-commerce, searching and purchasing automotive parts are somewhat tedious. However, today, you can shop with a mere click of the mouse button. Here at Parts Train, we provide convenient access to best products and services in the automotive industry.