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The German brand Phoenix is a leader in cutting-edge rubber technology since the 1900's. It started out as a humble rubbers shoes factory on the outskirts of Hamburg in 1856, and just kept on growing from there. It started making rubber tires for automobiles in 1902, and then in 1907 developed a bonded metal-rubber compound that proved to be a gift to the construction industry.

Phoenix marketed their metal rubber under the brand name METALLGUMMI, which is now known as Megi - the leading brand in vibration and noise reduction of machine and equipment. The science of vibration isolation is about controlling equipment's internal construction and supporting structure. It also involves maintaining the placement and arrangement of the equipment's isolators. There are two types of isolation: passive and active. Active isolation is the protection of the surroundings from the source of vibration and passive isolation, on the other hand, is the protection of a part or component from its surroundings. Vibration isolation, in equipments, is done by placing a vibration isolator, between the source and its surroundings. The company was able to use this technology to supply not just the industrial construction industry, but the automobile industry, as well.

In 1994, the company began its study into noise reduction with the acquisition of German vehicle-sound-proofing specialist Stankiewicz. And to expand its knowldege of vehicle sound and vibration engineering, Phoenix joined the Freudenberg Group. The internal changes continued with the company, and in 1999, it merged with Vibracoustics - the vibration control modules and components specialist for vehicles. And finally, in 2004, the company finally found itself at home with Continental AG - leading German tire manufacturer. Today, the company goes by the name Phoenix AG - the specialist in rubber products, sound and vibration insulation, industrial hose systems, and conveyor-belt systems.

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