Pex Brake Pad Sensor & Accessories

One million and two hundred thousand people worldwide get killed every year in road accidents, and 50 million are injured or disabled"this statistics is alarming enough for you to ensure that your auto is always equipped with brake pads and brake rotors that are in best performing state. For top-notch protection, mount a Pex brake pad sensor on your brakes to ensure that you're kept aware of the brakes' condition.Pex brake pad sensors are electronic devices installed on your disc brake that send signals via the warning light on your dash. Normally, brake pads come with a recommended service life that a vehicle owner or driver should keep up with. But, some drivers ignore this and some pads wear faster than normal, imperiling the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. So, it's best that there's a sensor that will monitor the condition of the brake pads.When you see the brake wear indicator light on your dashboard shines, it means the pads have gotten too thin and it's time you replace them. You'll not be able to cheat this light because it's programmed in your automobile. Once you replace your brake pads, simply apply pressure on your brake pedal and this light will go off. You can also choose to replace the Pex brake pad sensor together with your brake pads, although that's not necessary if it's still working.The Pex brake pad sensor is a very reliable electronic device that will keep you aware of the status of your brakes for a longer period of time. This way, you can sit back and relax while driving throughout the day. Get it here from our complete line of parts at and enjoy a safe and peaceful drive.